Durette IV External Laser Shields Instructions for Use

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I  !  !ENLC  E N L  f Protecteurs laser externes Durette® IV ... 4 d Durette® IV Äußere Laserschutzschilde ... 7 s Protectores láser externos Durette® IV ... 10 i Occhialini protettivi Durette® IV ... 14 h Durette® IV Uitwendige Laser Oogkapjes ... 17 p Protetores externos contra laser Durette® IV ... 20  e DURETTE® IV EXTERNAL LASER SHIELDS INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.  Get our instructions for use at  This Product is sold Non Sterile.  This Product (elastic) Contains Dry Natural Rubber (latex).  This stainless steel (surface treated) eye wear covers all wavelengths. USE ONLY WITH PURE LASERS OR PURE IPL SYSTEMS. DO NOT USE WITH SYSTEMS THAT ARE INTEGRATED WITH ELECTRIC CURRENT. After every case application and before cleaning and sterilization, always verify visually and manually the condition of all surfaces of the metal cups, of the nasal and temporal attachments and of the elastic headband. Before each use, make sure that the metal attachments are properly inserted onto the ball on the metal eye shields. Verify that they swivel loosely without force. Never use forceps, pliers or any type of tools to attach or remove the attachments. DO NOT BEND OR MANIPULATE THE METAL ATTACHMENTS. USE ONLY ORIGINAL REPLACEMENT ATTACHMENTS. IU04 (10)  e Durette® IV External Laser Shields ... 1  CAUTION, consult accompanying documents.
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