Arctic Sun 5000 Clinical Education Training Workbook Rev C

Education Training Workbook

32 Pages

CLINICAL RESOURCE PROGRAM  The success of therapeutic Targeted Temperature Management™ has become one of the most important new advances in critical care. It is through the work of many different people, working in all facets of the hospital, that the full potential of temperature management is realized. Upon completion of The Arctic Circle™ Clinical Resource Program, you become an important leader within your field operating at the center of the circle of care.  The Role of the Caregiver The following information is intended to provide guidance to assist you in providing optimal care of patients treated with the Arctic Sun®. This information is not intended to replace formal in-service training Arctic Sun 5000 Operator’s Manual and Help Index. Please refer to the Help Index for complete instructions, warnings and cautions pertaining to the use of the Arctic Sun.  Table of Contents Module 1:  01 Link for E-inservice  Module 2:  03 Advanced Patient Care 07 Common Questions 12 Troubleshooting and Case Studies  Module 3:  16 In-Service Checklist 17 Level 1: Standard User Competency 19 Level 2: Advanced User Competency  References:  20 21 22 23 24 25  Site of Temperature Probe Placement Therapeutic Hypothermia Supply Cart Patient Transport/End Therapy/Initiate Treatment Using the Helpline Conversion and Pad Weight Charts Frequently Asked Questions  The 24/7 Helpline is intended to assist healthcare professionals with technical questions they may have regarding the use of the Arctic Sun® Temperature Management System. While the Helpline is staffed by licensed critical care nurses, they are not able to provide medical or nursing advice or to prescribe treatment.  B  For Urgent Clinical Support: 1-866-840-9776  Customer Service: 1-877-267-2314
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