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Propulse NG User Manual Aug 2012

User Manual

9 Pages

User Manual  English Language Version  0086   Instruments Professional Ear Care with Integrity Propulse Henckel Style Forceps 3” (7... m) INS0023  Propulse Jobson Horne Style Probe (1... m) INS0025  Propulse Wax Hook INS0026  Propulse Hartmann Style Crocodile Forceps INS0027  Accessories Professional Ear Care with Integrity  Propulse Cleaning Tablets (x200 per pack) CL0001  Propulse QrX Single Use Tip (x100 per pack) KIT4002  Propulse Carry Case KIT1005  Propulse Headlamp INS0014  Propulse Replacement Mushroom Valves & Washers - KIT1006  Replacement Reservoir & Lid KIT4004  Propulse R/R Dressing Scissors INS0024  Propulse Noots Ear Tank INS0021  Propulse Tilley Style Aural Dressing Forceps INS0022  2  3
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