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MVE Variō Pro Quick Reference Guide Rev A

Quick Reference Guide

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MVE Biological Systems TM  MVE Variō™ Pro Quick Start Guide  Table of Contents  1.0 Product Identification...2 1.1 The Variō Pro Controller...2 1.1.1 Display Panel Identification...2 1.1.2 Connection Panel Identification...3 2.0 MVE Variō Plumbing Connections...4 3.0 Adjusting Temperature Settings...5 3.1 Adjusting Storage Chamber Temperature...5 3.2 Adjusting Temp A & B High / Low Alarms...6 4.0 Adjusting Display & Output Settings...7 4.1 Adjusting Temperature Units...7 4.2 Alarm Buzzer...7 4.3 Language Settings...8 4.4 Printer Settings...8 5.0 Calibration of Temperature Probes...9 6.0 Password & Security Setup...10 6.1 Password Entry Mode...10 6.2 Global Password...10 6.3 Multilevel Passwords...11 7.0 Variō Pro Alarms & Alarm Descriptions...12 8.0 Contact Information...14  NOTE: All MVE models are a Class 1, externally powered, continuous operation medical device. They are not suitable for use with flammable anesthetics. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for medical devices to IEC 601-1-2: [or EN 60601-1-1-2:2001 or Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC]. NOTE: MVE Variō liquid nitrogen freezers should be installed by an authorized MVE Distributor per the MVE Variō Pro Technical Manual, PN 14930250.  PN 14910831 Rev A  Page 1
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