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Norav NBP 24 NG Quick User Guide Dec 2009

Quick User Guide

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Quick User Guider  Norav NBP 24 NG  Prepare Monitor and enrol Patient  Download Cable 1.  Place new batteries in recorder & make sure recorder is off. Plug the grey cable into the side of the recorder – align red dots. Turn recorder On few seconds.  : CO will appear on recorder display after a  2. Open the HMS-Client Software 3. Click on  to add a new patient or click on  to select existing patient.  4. Click  to prepare recorder  5.  A Warning will appear should the battery voltage be too low. Change batteries if necessary.  6.  Click  .to transfer patient information to monitor Set the “Clock of the device” by pushing the button on the top right side. Click  to activate selected protocol in monitor  7. Click on 8. 9.  Turn off Monitor  11  (press button for more than 2 seconds) and remove cable  Measure upper arm of patient and use the correct size cuff. Make sure:  tube connected to the cuff is on the top side of the cuff and placed over the neck   10  , to end the Hypertension Management Software Client-Server  cuff is placed around two fingers above the bend of the elbow. Make sure arrow on cuff is aligned with artery.  Place Monitor in Pouch, connect the cuff and switch on monitor . Start with a manual measurement to make sure the monitor is working. Press the “Start” key of the monitor. The Day/Night key can be pressed before going to sleep and upon waking up to change to the day or night protocol before the set time Press “Event” key for extra measurement A BP measurement can be aborted at any time by pressing any keys. This deflates the cuff.  Page 1  09/12/09
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