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Quick User Guide

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QUICK USER GUIDE  Norav Stress 1.  Connect patient  2.  Start Norav program - double click  3.  Enter patient data – press “F1”  4.  Click on “OK” when ready. 12 lead Monitoring begins. It will take 15 sec until large QRS complex is displayed on the right of the screen  5.  Enter Blood pressure measurement  6.  Resting ECG – press “F6”  7.  Start stress test – press “F3” Enter BP when BP sign is blinking red  8.  Go to Recovery – press “F5”  9.  Stop Test – press “F4”  10. Print final report by pressing Additional Functions during Stress test ECG Recording / Events - press “F6” Advance Stage – press “F8” Freeze Stage – press “F7” Manual protocol – press “F9” Emergency stop for treadmill Choose another protocol click on “View” then click on Change Current protocol then chose your protocol BIOMEDEX AUST PTY LTD PH: 02 4285 9600  URB 12/13/2004 11:50:00 AM REV. 1.9
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