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3 SECTION COUCH USER GUIDE BE3020 3-Section couch, hydraulic, with paper roll holder BE2025 3-Section couch, electric, with paper roll holder Operator instructions The 3-section couch is a general purpose, variable height couch ideal for a wide range of uses. Available with either electric (remote handset or foot switch) or hydraulic (foot pump) height control. Wheel System To engage the wheel system, the levers at both ends of the couch must be firmly depressed by foot. To release the wheel system, place foot beneath the levers and lift upwards (these actions can be done from either side of the couch).  Installation DO NOT USE ANY SHARP OBJECTS TO CUT THE PACKAGING. ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO THE VINYL WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER THE WARRANTY  Unpack the couch. If the couch is to be located against a wall, please ensure no wall fixtures, sockets, furniture etc. will interfere with the safe operation of the couch. The wheel system should then be released. To enable the couch to stand level on any surface, an adjustable foot has been positioned on one corner. Turn the adjustable foot until the couch sits evenly on the floor. Height Adjustment  BE3020 Hydraulic The couch can be raised by continually depressing and releasing the pedals positioned near to the column section. To lower, place your foot under the pedal and lift upwards. The couch will slowly descend under its own weight (and that of the patient) and will stop at its lowest point, or when the pedal is released. BE2025 Electric Ensure the mains lead and remote handset/foot switch cable is free and not tangled around the frame of the of the couch. Fit the mains plug into a suitable mains supply socket. The couch can now be raised and lowered by pushing the appropriate buttons on either the remote handset or foot switch. Please contact customercare@ocura.co.uk or call 01732 367777 with any queries
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