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ELITE BED Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

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ELITE BED  Troubleshooting Guide  Important Note Ensure the bed is plugged in to mains power at all times. This is to ensure the battery is fully charged.  Bed not working? Here’s a quick tip - check to see that the functions have not been locked out on the Attendant Control Panel.  Attendant Control Panel UP DOWN  Function lock  ‘Locked’ lights  To ‘Lock’ Buttons The functions shown on the bottom row of buttons may be ‘locked’ on both the handset and the foot panel. To lock (or unlock) the functions, press the relevant button at the same time as the FUNCTION LOCK button. The ‘locked’ light will indicate which functions are locked.  24 Hour Helpline:  Australia: 1300 283 122 New Zealand: 0800 177 487
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