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Bed Exit Sensor BX234 Data Sheet Ver 2 Dec 2006

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QUESTEK NURSECALL PRODUCT DATA SHEET  Bed Exit Sensor Tool  BX234 – Version 2  There is a great advantage in warning care staff that a Resident in Aged Care or a Patient in Hospital is about to leave their bed. This is especially advantageous for Residents and Patients who are at risk of falling. The Questek BX234 Bed Exit Sensor installed in the bed and connected to the nurse call system can provide this warning. DESCRIPTION: The Questek BX234 Bed exit Sensor is a pressure mat that is specifically designed to be activated by the weight of a person in bed. The sensor is installed in the bed, on top of the bed base, under the mattress, in a position to sense that a person is in the bed. The Version 2 BX234 Sensor is especially designed to operate under the new range of graduated firmness mattresses. As the sensor is under the mattress there is no discomfort to the person in bed. There are two common positions for the sensor. 1. Under the persons hips. In this position the sensor is activated when the person is in bed or sitting on the bed. The sensor releases only when the person is actually out of bed. 2. Under the persons shoulders. In this position the sensor is activated when the person is lying down and releases when the person sits up. This can provide a pre-warning before the person actually leaves the bed. The sensor connects to the Questek Bedside Call station via a cable that plugs into the socket marked “BED”. If the call station does not have a Bed Exit Sensor Socket, the Bed Exit Sensor can be connected to the Call station Pendant socket via a Questek APQ Adaptor. There is a range of adaptors to match the pendant socket on most brands of nurse call systems. Contact Questek for adaptor information. When a person is in bed, the Bedside Call station or the Adaptor has a small green indicator LED that is illuminated. When the person leaves the bed, the green LED goes out and the Bedside Station issues and out of bed call or the Adaptor initiates a standard nurse call. The adaptor also has a standard pendant socket so that the resident still has a normal push button nurse call pendant. Full installation instructions are printed on the BX243 Bed Exist Sensor.  Copyright © Questek Australia Pty Ltd.  Page: 1
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