Quinton Q-Stress Users Guide and Service Manual Ver 4.5

Users Guide and Service Manual

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Final Reports  View a Final Report Click the View Final Report button to view a PDF file of your final report with Adobe Reader. The left column represents a Table of Contents of the report. Click any table of contents entry to access that page.  ! !  Caution. Loss of data. Editing PDF files and replacing them on the Q-Stress system can lead to PDF data loss in the event of report regeneration. Edited PDF files must be stored elsewhere on the network. Caution. Insecure data. Determine the necessary control of edits to Q-Stress reports in order to ensure the integrity and correctness of the reports. Read and understand the Adding Security to Adobe PDF files and Working with Signatures in the Adobe Reader manual before editing any Q-Stress produced PDF file.  Print a Final Report Click either the Print Partial Final Report button or the Print Full Final Report button to send the report to the Q-Stress system chart recorder or laser printer. A full final includes all segments in Final Report setup. See Setting up a Final Report Form on page 8-8. Note: Do not turn off the printer while it is printing or to add or change paper. Note: Do not attempt to cancel print jobs by canceling them in the print queue as this will affect subsequent Q-Stress printouts until the application is closed and restarted.  You can generate a diagnostic quality printout of the Final Report using Adobe Reader. When printing from Reader use these settings: ◆  Set page scaling to None.  ◆  Select Auto rotate and center pages print option.  ◆  Select the paper source by PDF page size. Use the printer setup in Adobe Reader to confirm or change these settings.  Selecting a Remote Printer (Network Option Only) You can print the final report by choosing any printer on the network. In the Print dialog box that appears, click the down arrow by the Name field and select the name of the printer. Your final report is sent to that printer when you click OK. Q-Stress final reports should be printed only on printers with 600 dots per inch (DPI) or greater resolution and four or more megabytes (MB) of memory. Note: HP4 and HP5 series printers have been qualified by Cardiac Science Corporation for remote printing of reports. Some printer drivers will not print the grid on the final report correctly. The problem can be corrected by downloading the latest drivers for your printer from Hewlett-Packard (www.hp.com) to your print server. Additional drivers should not be loaded on the Q-Stress; load the drivers only on the print server on your network.  8-6  70-00755-01 D  Quinton® Q-Stress® 4.5
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