RaySafe X2 Analyzer Quick Guide Aug 2020

Quick Guide

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LEARN MORE  Cables  BASE UNIT, SENSORS AND ACCESSORIES Further instructions for use can be found in the base unit. Press the menu button and select Help. RAYSAFE VIEW RaySafe View help can be accessed in the program’s Help menu. CALIBRATION DATE See the calibration label on the sensor, or swipe right from the home screen and press the “i” symbol for the connected sensor to get the calibration date.  RaySafe View  X2 Sensors  X2 Base Unit  Flexi Stand  Power Supply  QUICK GUIDE  MEASUREMENT SPECIFICATIONS Swipe right when viewing a single parameter to read measurement specifications for that parameter. Visit www.raysafe.com for complete instrument specifications. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions. Visit www.raysafe.com for contact information.  © 2020.08 Unfors RaySafe 5000150-3.10  YOUR RAYSAFE X2 SYSTEM  RaySafe X2
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