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Table of Contents Proper Care of Your Instrument and Accessories  4  Instrument Do’s  4  Instrument Don’ts  4  Subject Cables  4  Software  4  Replacing the BIA 9-volt Alkaline Battery  5  Storing the Instrument  5  Shipping and Transporting the Instrument  5  Testing of the BIA Instrument  6  When to Test  6  Testing Procedure  7  Potential Causes of “Unusual” BIA or Body Composition Results  7  Electrode Placement, Subject Preparation, and Test Procedure  8  Electrode Placement  8  Subject Preparation  8  BIA Testing Procedure  8  Testing Procedure  9  Operator/Examiner Required Proficiency  9  Frequently Asked Questions  10  Performing the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Test  10  Validity  12  Equipment  13  Software  14  Ordering and Warranty  15
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