ROHO QUADTRO and CONTOUR SELECT Cushion Adjustment Instructions June 2002

Adjustment Instructions

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How To Adjust Your ROHO® Cushion with an ISOFLO Memory Control® 100 North Florida Ave. Belleville, IL 62221 USA U.S. & Canada: 800-851-3449 Outside U.S.: 618-277-9173 / Fax: 618-277-9561  • ROHO® QUADTRO SELECT® HIGH PROFILE® Cushion • ROHO® QUADTRO SELECT® MID PROFILE™ Cushion • ROHO® QUADTRO SELECT® LOW PROFILE® Cushion • ROHO® CONTOUR SELECT® Cushion  STEP 1 Place SELECT cushion on chair, making sure it is centered and right side up with the ISOFLO Memory Control Unit facing forward (Consult your prescriber about alternative positions of ISOFLO). Turn valve counterclockwise to open.  STEP 2 Make sure the ISOFLO Memory Control is also open by pushing ISOFLO’s Green Knob to the right or “UNLOCKED”.  STEP 3 Slide the pump’s rubber nozzle over the valve and inflate the SELECT cushion until it begins to slightly arch upward.  STEP 4 Pinch pump’s nozzle and turn valve clockwise to close. Remove pump.  STEP 5 Have the user sit in the chair, making sure the cushion is centered underneath. The user should be seated in their normal sitting position.  STEP 6 Slide your hand between the cushion’s surface and the user’s bottom. Lift their leg slightly and feel for their lowest bony prominence. Then lower their leg to a sitting position.  STEP 7 Rotate valve counterclockwise to let out air, while keeping your hand under the person’s lowest bony prominence. Release air until you can barely move your finger tips – no more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) and no less than 1/2 inch (1.5 cm). Turn valve clockwise to close.  STEP 8 Position user on the cushion in their desired posture and have them maintain this position while air transfers through the ISOFLO Memory Control. Once the air transfer is complete, push the ISOFLO’s “Red” knob toward the left, in the LOCKED position. This will isolate the flow of air and provide a more stable sitting position. Recheck each compartment of the cushion to ensure proper inflation.  NOTE: DO NOT sit on an improperly inflated cushion. Under-inflation and overinflation of the cushion sections reduce or eliminate the cushion’s benefits and could increase risk to the skin and other soft tissue. The cushion is most effective when there is 1/2 inch (1.5 cm) to 1 inch (2.5 cm) of air between the user’s bottom and the seating surface.
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