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SCIENTIFIC GENIE  2/27/03  9:46 PM  Page 1  VORTEX-GENIE 2 ®  Parts Assembly List  VORTEX-GENIE 2* ®  OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS  Models G560, G560E and G560-100V  To order parts for the VORTEX-GENIE 2: Contact your local distributor... lease specify Part No... quantity and electric voltage... 4  13 15 2 1 10 7 4  3(A,B,C,D,E, or F)  12  6 (A,B, or C)  16 9 (A,B, or C)  11 Indicator No... 1 2 3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F 4 5 6A 6B 6C  Part No... 0K-0236-902 0K-0236-903 318-0510-00 0K-0246-901 0K-0256-901 0K-0266-901 0K-0276-901 0K-0286-901 ESP0004 ESP0005 EPP0005 EB-0246-500 EB-0286-500  Description  Bearing Retainer Kit Eccentric Clamp 120V Line Cord 240V Line Cord, without Plug 240V Line Cord, European Plug 240V Line Cord, British Plug 240V Line Cord, Swiss Plug 100V Line Cord Switch, On/Off/On Micro Switch Speed Control 120V Speed Control 240V Speed Control 100V  8 Indicator No... 7 8 9A 9B 9C 10 11 12 13 14 15 16  5 Part No... 0K-0236-904 0M-0236-210 0K-0236-905 0K-0246-915 0K-0286-915 566-0028-00 SCP0030 0M-0236-209 0K-0500-901 580-2013-00 146-3011-00 HWP0037  * Optional accessories shown are available through most laboratory equipment distributors... escription  Eccentric with Clamp Assembly Bottom Closure Motor 120V Assembly Motor 240V Assembly Motor 100V Assembly Spring, Extension, Eccentric Screws, Bottom Closure (4) Knob, Push-On 3-inch Platform with Sticker Rubber Cover for 3-inch Platform Pop-Off Cup Feet (4)  065-0004-00 Rev...   TM  Home of the Multi-Task GenieTM Family 70 Orville Drive, Bohemia, NY 11716 U... A... 631) 567-4700 • Fax (631) 567-5896 Toll Free: 888-850-6208 • Customer Service: custsvc@scientificindustries... m email for all other information or inquiries: info@scientificindustries... m www... ientificindustries... m  U...  PATS... ,781,487; 5,707,861   SCIENTIFIC GENIE  2/27/03  9:46 PM  Page 3  The VORTEX-GENIE 2*, mixer with pop-off cup and three-inch platform, is an upgraded version of the original industry standard VORTEX-GENIE® mixer, with many capabilities and features... nterchangeable Quick-Change™ snap-on attachments can be pressed on and popped off without the use of tools... he powerful motor works via “constant on” or “touch on” operation, and the variable speed provides both vortex and shaking actions, greatly expanding its applications... t allows very slow operation without sacrificing high-speed performance, so any desired mix homogeneity can be achieved (and repeated) according to viscosity, miscibility and container... APPLICATIONS The three-inch platform accepts single or multiple test tubes, beakers and various flasks... he removable cover is made of thermoplastic rubber, and is highly impervious to most chemicals... till, it is recommended that spills are blotted quickly... o not attempt to use the three-inch platform without its cover... OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1... lug the cord into a properly grounded, three-pronged outlet (120V for the G560 model; 240V for the G560E; 100V for the G560-100V)... ORTEX-GENIE 2 is supplied with the 3-inch platform installed and is ready for use... o install the pop-off cup or other attachments (sold separately), follow these steps: a... Turn power to “OFF” ( ) position Remove the installed attachment by pulling straight up Place alternate attachment on post and rotate until “flats” align Press attachment down firmly until it snaps into place  3... or intermittent operation, push switch to “TOUCH” ( operation, push switch to “ON” ( ) position... ) position... or continuous  4... urn speed control knob to setting No...  on the dial (Mixer will not start if dial is lower than setting No... )... n the “ON” position, you will see the attachment in motion immediately... n the “TOUCH” ( ) position, the vessel must come in contact with the attachment to achieve motion... o achieve the desired mix, vary the speed on the dial and/or the angle of contact and pressure against the mixing attachment... hen finished with either continuous or intermittent operation, return switch to “OFF” position in the center... he VORTEX-GENIE 2 mixer may become warm to the touch with constant use, however, performance will not be affected... AUTION! Do not lift the VORTEX-GENIE 2 mixer by its attachment... ll of the attachments, including the cup, are removable... hey will pop off easily when lifted, and snap on again just as easily by aligning and then pressing down... The pop-off cup can accommodate tubes of almost any size or shape—from microcentrifuge tubes to those up to 40mm diameter and 200mm length... n almost all cases, tubes can be mixed uncapped... roper speed control prevents overflow... CAUTION! Failure to follow operating instructions can compromise user’s safety... are and Handling The VORTEX-GENIE 2 mixer should be given the care normally required for any electrical appliance... void wetting or unnecessary exposure to fumes... he surface can be washed with water and soap or detergents, using a cloth or sponge... ll rubber and foam parts will wear over time depending upon frequency of use, exposure to chemicals, etc... hese and all replacement parts are available through most laboratory equipment distributors... efer to “Parts Assembly List” and enclosed multi-fold brochure... AUTION! Unplug from power before cleaning... o not immerse... PECIFICATIONS The VORTEX-GENIE 2 mixer is classified as “Installation Category 2” Environmental: 32˚F (0˚C) – 100˚F (38˚C), 95% Humidity max... *VORTEX-GENIE 2 is a registered trademark of Scientific Industries, Inc...  PAT... ,781,487 ®  MODEL POWER REQUIRED 120V/60Hz G560 240V/50-60Hz G560E 100V/50-60Hz G560-100V  AMPS 0...  0... 1...
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