SEERS 2 Upholstery Quotation Template

SEERS Quotation Template

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Replacement Upholstery Information for Quotation – 2 Section Couch PLEASE ATTACH ANY FURTHER INFORMATION THAT WILL HELP IN THE ACCURACY OF THE REPLACEMENT SECTIONS BEING MADE CORRECTLY  HEAD SECTION  FOOT SECTION  Couch Manufacturer...  Model No...  Description...  Ref No... Colour...  MEASUREMENTS (PLEASE COMPLETE ALL DIMENSIONS REQUIRED BELOW)  SEERS TO FIT REPLACEMENT UPHOLSTERY SECTIONS Y / N ?  DIM A (cm)... (Length of HEAD Section)  DIM B (cm)... (Width of HEAD section)  DIM C (cm)... (Length of FOOT Section)  DIM D (cm)... (Width of FOOT section)  DIM E (cm)... (Thickness of upholstery sections)  DOES COUCH HAVE BREATHING HOLE Y/N ? – IF SO DIM A1 (cm)...  Customer Contact Details:  Couch Location:  Name:  email:  Tel No.  Address:
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