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Heratherm IGS series General Protocol Operating Instructions Aug 2012

Operating Instructions

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© 2012 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved.  These operating instructions are protected by copyright. Rights resulting thereof, particularly reprint, photomechanical or digital postprocessing or reproduction, even in part, are only allowed with the written consent of Thermo Fisher Scientific. This regulation does not apply to reproductions for in-plant use. The contents of this operating instructions manual may change at any time and without any prior notice. In case of conflicting translations into foreign languages the German-language version of these operating instructions shall be binding. Trademarks Heratherm™ is a registered trademark of Thermo Scientific. Thermo Scientific is a brand owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in the operating instructions are the exclusive property of the respective manufacturers. Thermo Fisher Scientific Robert-Bosch-Straße 1 D - 63505 Langenselbold Germany Thermo Electron LED GmbH is an affiliate to: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. 81 Wyman Street Waltham, MA 02454 USA Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. provides this document to its customers with a product purchase to use in the product operation. This document is copyright protected and any reproduction of the whole or any part of this document is strictly prohibited, except with the written authorization of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The contents of this document are subject to change without notice. All technical information in this document is for reference purposes only. System configurations and specifications in this document supersede all previous information received by the purchaser. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. makes no representations that this document is complete, accurate or error-free and assumes no responsibility and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, damage or loss that might result from any use of this document, even if the information in the document is followed properly. This document is not part of any sales contract between Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and a purchaser. This document shall in no way govern or modify any Terms and Conditions of Sale, which Terms and Conditions of Sale shall govern all conflicting information between the two documents.  ii  Heratherm  Thermo Scientific
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