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Auto-Lock Smart Notes April 2014

Smart Notes

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Highlighting innovative design features and useful application­­­­ information for Thermo Scientific Centrifuges and Rotors  smart notes  design and innovation  Rotors for superspeed, general purpose and small benchtop centrifuges  Q A  How does Auto-Lock rotor exchange facilitate rotor placement and improve safety, compared with traditional rotor tie-down systems? In only 3 seconds, with just the push of a button, Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange allows you to install and remove rotors on select1 Thermo Scientific superspeed, general purpose or small benchtop centrifuges. With Auto-Lock rotor exchange, you can have the confidence that your rotor is safely and securely locked in place, and have the flexibility to change rotors and applications in the blink of an eye. Unlike traditional rotor tie-down systems, with push-button Auto-Lock rotor exchange, rotors no longer need to be bolted onto a centrifuge motor shaft. As a result:­ 1] No tools are required 2] No complicated rotor changing procedure is necessary 3] Swap between protocols instantly for application flexibility 4] Clear chamber access in only seconds for quick and efficient cleaning  1  Auto-Lock is available with the following Thermo Scientific™ centrifuge series: Superspeed  Auto-Lock is identfied on Thermo Scientific superspeed centrifuges with a black push button and on Thermo Scientific general purpose and small benchtop centrifuges with a green push button.  • Sorvall™ LYNX 6000/4000  General Purpose • Sorvall™ Legend™ X1/XT/XF • Sorvall™ ST 16/40 • Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X1/X3 • Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 16/40 • SL 16/40  Rotors featuring Auto-Lock are not interchangeable between plat­­forms.  Small Benchtop • Sorvall™ ST 8 • Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 • SL 8
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