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ClickSeal Rotor Lid for TX series Smart Notes Dec 2014

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Highlighting innovative design features and useful application­­­­ information for Thermo Scientific Centrifuges and Rotors  smart notes  design and innovation  swinging bucket benchtop rotors  Q A  How can I help improve safety in my laboratory when spinning pathogens or patient samples in swing-out rotors?  Thermo Scientific™ ClickSeal™ rotor lids for Thermo Scientific™ TX series benchtop rotors are designed to provide a secure and quick solution for biocontainment of rotors. Local safety rules will regulate the processing of pathogens, or potential pathogens, and the protective measures that should be undertaken to help reduce the risk of Laboratory Acquired Infections (LAIs). These regulations may require the use of biocontainment lids on centrifuge rotors. Centrifugation is a key part in many clinical and scientific workflows in which pathogens or potential pathogens are processed. Certified by the Public Health England Laboratories (Porton Down, UK), TX series swinging bucket rotors feature our ClickSeal lids that are tested to ensure that when used correctly, pathogens are safely contained in the event of a tube breakage, tube leakage, external tube contamination or over-fill contamination within tube and cap threads. This containment helps minimize the risk of pathogens being aerosolized into the lab environment, where they could be inhaled or spread, contaminating surrounding surfaces and equipment and posing a risk to lab personnel.
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