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EPD TruDose Quick Start Guide v01 June 2018

Quick Start Guide

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Thermo Scientific EPD TruDose Quick Start Guide  External Features Label Recess • Place for color coding populations using COTS “dots”  Ultra Bright LED • Visible from the top and the front  Infrared Interface • Provides communication to/from the EPD  Select Button • Enables users to move through the menus and select functions  Detector Marking • Indicates EPD type: β – Beta γ - Gamma  LCD Display • Shows parameters and/or functionality as selected by the buttons  Sounder  • Audible indicator of an alarm  Navigate Button • Dual button design simplifies navigation, reduces training required to operate  Beta Window  • Covers the β detector (Only the EPD TruDose G version has the cover cap)  Battery Compartment • Front load, secured with screws in the back  For further operating instructions and Thermo Scientific™ EPD TruDose™ details, please refer to the User Manual.
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