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KR-1 User Manual July 2011

User Manual

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ID  R  0000100001000  1 -1... 25 -1 -050 -0...  80 180 K 1 R1 78 0 R2 7...  A 1 80 180 PR1 7...  PR2 R S  MANUAL  0000100001000 0  C  0 1 mm  R/K  S  L  A  0  K R1 R2 A  PA1  HIGH  R C  A  FOG  PR2  PR1  PA1  12...  VD  M  USER MANUAL  AUTO KERATO-REFRACTOMETER  KR-1   INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the TOPCON Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1... INTENDED USE / INDICATIONS FOR USE This instrument is used to measure the spherical refractive-power, cylindrical refractive power, the direction of astigmatic axis, the radius of curvature, the corneal astigmatic axis angle and the corneal refractory power... his instrument features the following: • The KR-1 is simple to operate and measures the refraction and corneal curvature of the eye...  The position of the touch panel can be adjusted to accommodate the user's preferred position...  The auto start function facilitates quick measurements under the optimal condition... his User Manual provides an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the TOPCON Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1... o get the best use of the instrument, read Safety Displays and Safety Cautions... eep this Manual at hand for future reference... PRECAUTIONS • The patient who undergoes an examination by this instrument must maintain concentration for a few minutes and keep to the following instructions: To fix the face to the chinrest, forehead rest... o keep the eye open... o understand and follow instructions when undergoing an examination...  Since this product is a precision instrument, always use and keep it in a normally controlled living environment, within a temperature range of 10-40°C, humidity levels between 30-90% and an atmospheric pressure range of 700hPa-1,060hPa... he instrument should also be placed away from direct sunlight...  To ensure smooth operation, install the instrument on a level floor free of vibrations... lso, do not place anything on the instrument...  Connect all cables properly before using...  Use the power at a rated voltage...  When not in use, switch off the power source and apply the rubber cap and dust cover...  For accurate measurement results, take care to keep the measuring window clean and free of fingerprints, spots and dust... WARNING] When operating the instrument, do not touch the patient's eye or nose... his symbol is applicable for EU member countries only... o avoid potential damage to the environment and possibly human health, this instrument should be disposed of (i) for EU member countries - in accordance with WEEE (Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), or (ii) for all other countries, in accordance with local disposal and recycling laws... WARNING] Handling the cord on this product or cords associated with accessories sold with this product, will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth detects or other reproductive harm... ash hands after handling... This product contains a CRL Lithium Battery which contains Perchlorate Material-special handling may apply... ee http://www... sc... v/hazardouswaste/perchlorate/ Note; This is applicable to California, U... A... nly Since this product partly uses a program derived from IPA Font, using the product is regarded as consent to the IPA Font License Agreement v1...  For the IPA Font License Agreement v1...  see page 68 or the following URL... ttp://ipafont... a... /ipa_font_license_v1... ml  1
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