micro Model 6300 User Training Manual March 2018

User Training Manual

32 Pages

3/15/2018  07687_5 micro User Training Manual  Table of Contents 1. Description of the Vitalograph micro 1. Indications for Use 2. Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions and Adverse Reactions 3. Main Components of the Vitalograph micro 4. Features of the Vitalograph micro 5. Getting the Vitalograph micro ready for use 6. Power Management in the Vitalograph micro 1. Battery Pack 2. Battery Low Detect 3. Power Save Mode 7. Operating the Vitalograph micro 1. Main Menu 2. New Subject Information 3. Performing a Test Session 4. Performing a Post Test Session 5. Configuration Menu 6. Reports and Printing 7. Storing Results 8. Accuracy/Calibration 9. Setting up a New Flowhead 8. Cleaning Instructions 1. Cleaning and Low Level Disinfection of the Vitalograph micro 2. Disassembling and Cleaning of the Fleisch Flowhead 3. Reassembling and Low Level Disinfection of the Fleisch Flowhead 9. Fault Finding Guide 10. Customer Service 11. Consumables and Accessories 12. Explanation of Symbols 13. Technical Specifications 14. CE Notice 15. FDA Notice 16. Declaration of Conformity 17. Guarantee  file:///C:/07687_5_micro_User_Training_Manual/07687_5.html  3/32
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