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Vitalograph® micro Quick Start Guide Using this guide it will take you just a few minutes to produce your first spirometry test report using the Vitalograph micro. If you need further instruction details, you will find the User Manual on the CD provided. If you need more help contact your supplier or visit Technical Support on:  ... system components Items listed in colour are shipped with the Vitalograph micro:  4 1 2  Vitalograph micro Quick Start Guide (this document, not shown) Vitalograph micro device a. Flowhead b. Flowhead Release button c. LCD Display d. Recess buttons e. Down button f. Up button g. Enter button h. On/Off button i. Weight j. Gender k. Age l. Height  2  a i b  e  j  k  f c  g h d  3  Firmware Description (not shown)  4  Sample SafeTway mouthpieces  5  Vitalograph micro – serial cable  6  Adaptor for fitting Precision Syringe or BVF (not shown)  7  Serial Spirometry Record Card samples (not shown)  5  (optional) micro -> Vitalograph Reports Utility 8  Vitalograph Reports Utility  8  (PC software INSTALL FIRST) 9  Vitalograph Reports Utility Quick Start Guide (not shown)  10 Your PC  11  11 Your Printer  10 Page 1  l
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