MicroIn2itive Flowhead Issue 1 Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

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Micro/In2itive Flowhead P/N 79191 Cleaning Instructions 07799 Issue 1  Flowhead Cleaning Instructions Applicable to devices using Vitalograph Fleisch Flowhead Assembly P/N 79191 Including antecedent versions of the In2itive and micro. Hygiene Policy Vitalograph spirometers are not designed to be, nor supplied as, sterile. Vitalograph intends that a new Bacterial Viral Filter (BVF) be used for every subject to prevent cross contamination. Using a BVF provides a significant level of protection of the subject, the device and the user against cross contamination during spirometry manoeuvres. The interior of a Vitalograph flowhead does not require decontamination where a new BVF is used for each subject. When used according to Vitalograph recommendations, Vitalograph spirometers are considered non-critical or low risk with regard to infection control. The exterior of the flowhead may be cleaned in line with local requirements for hand held objects1. If a higher level of decontamination is required, then cleaning may be followed by disinfection as outlined below.  Cleaning the Flowhead Exterior Recommended cleaning method where a new BVF is used for every subject:  Figure 1: Flowhead and flowhead tubing  1. Use a 70% isopropyl alcohol impregnated cloth to clean the case exterior of the flowhead and the body of the device. When cleaning the touchscreen area, wipe left to right or up and down (do not rub in a circular motion). 2. Where the remote flowhead kit has been used, disconnect both ends of flowhead tubing from pressure tappings and wipe the tubing with a 70% IP wipe. a. Reassemble by reconnecting both ends of flowhead tubing to pressure tappings on the device and flowhead. b. Vitalograph recommends that calibration verification be carried out following reassembly to verify correct operation and accuracy. Instructions for calibration verification are contained in each device’s instructions for use.  Decontamination by Cleaning and Disinfection This is the recommended cleaning method where the user suspects that the flowhead interior may have become contaminated or if a user’s local requirements for hand held items includes disinfection. 1  Vitalograph (2019), “Hygiene Policy”. Internal Vitalograph policy. Document number: SOP_0523.  Page 1 of 4  micro/In2itive P/N 79191 Cleaning Instructions 07799-Issue 1 DT_0244-1
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