Model 2510 Emergency Aspirator Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines

Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines

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Vitalograph Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines for the Emergency Aspirator Components of Disassembled Emergency Aspirator One Way Valve Catheter & mount not shown  Quick Release Cap  Aspirate Container Mesh Filter (Disposable)  Rear End Cap Pump Unit  Post-Use Cleaning and Disinfecting Owing to the situations in which the Emergency Aspirator is designed to be used, for the purposes of these guidelines all parts of the equipment will be considered to be at risk of having been exposed to body fluids. The catheter is at risk of having been in close contact with breaks in skin or mucous membrane, which means it poses a high risk of pathogen transmission. It is therefore manufactured to be disposable. The mesh filter is also manufactured to be disposable. All other parts of the Emergency Aspirator pose an intermediate transmission risk and should be disinfected according to guidelines given below.  Part  Material  Aspirate Container Catheter & Mount Aspirate Container Seal Rear End Seal Cap One Way Valve Aspirate Container Cap Rear End Cap Assembly Mesh Filter  Polycarbonate PVC Nitrile Rubber Nitrile Rubber Polycarbonate/ PNR Polycarbonate/ Natural Rubber Polycarbonate/ Nylon Acetal/ Polyester  Clean/ Disinfect/ Dispose Clean & Disinfect Disposable Clean & Disinfect Clean & Disinfect Clean & Disinfect Clean & Disinfect Clean & Disinfect Disposable  Recommended Disinfectant Disinfect by immersion in sodium dichloroisocyanurate solution at 1000 ppm concentration of free chlorine for 15 minutes.  All risk levels and definitions of cleaning and disinfection are as defined in “Sterilization, Disinfection and Cleaning of Medical Equipment: Guidance on Decontamination from the Microbiology Committee to Department of Health Medical Devices Directorate, 1996”. Remove and dispose of the catheter. Open the aspirator by unscrewing both end caps.  Vitalograph Ltd . Maids Moreton . Buckingham . MK18 1SW . England . Tel: +44 (0) 1280 827110 . Fax: +44 (0) 1280 823302. E-mail: Vitalograph GmbH . Jacobsenweg 12 . 22525 Hamburg . Germany . Tel: (040) 547391-0 . Fax: (040) 547391-40. E-mail: Vitalograph Inc . 8347 Quivira Road . Lenexa . Kansa 66215 . USA . Tel: (913) 888 4221 . Fax: (913) 888 4259. E-mail: Vitalograph (Ireland) Ltd . Gort Road Industrial Estate . Ennis . Co Clare . Ireland. Tel: (065) 6864100 . Fax: (065) 6828289. E-mail:  Internet: ©Vitalograph®, Spirotrac®, SafeTway®, BVF™ are trademarks of Vitalograph  1 of 2 07317 / 1
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