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VivoCheck User Instructions Ver 7

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VivoCheck™ User Instructions Product Description The VivoCheck™ is a small and practical device that helps you optimize the performance of your Integrity™ V500 software and checks that important system components are in proper working order 1.  The VivoCheck™ is simple to set up and use. A typical check of your Integrity™ system can be completed in a few minutes. Simply attach your Amplitrode® to the clips on the casing and your ER-3A insert earphone to the plastic adapter and run the Integrity™ software. The VivoCheck™ checks that the correct acoustic output is sent from the VivoLink™ via the ER-3A insert earphones. Within seconds, you will see the input signal of a given stimulus and observe the noise filtering at work.  Clinical Use The VivoCheck™ is designed to be used by clinicians, audiologists, ENT specialists, and/or technicians who use the Integrity™ System in their practices. Important clinical uses of the VivoCheck™: •  Checks that the Integrity™ system components are in proper working order  •  Identifies the best location for testing  •  Helps establish baseline data for future reference  Setting up your VivoCheck™ Your VivoCheck™ works with your Integrity™ system and is connected to your Amplitrode® and ER-3A insert earphones. To set up your VivoCheck™: 1. Turn on the VivoLink™. 2. Launch the Integrity™ software and load the ABR test type. 3. Connect the Amplitrode® to the corresponding non-inverting and ground clip on the VivoCheck™. If using a single channel Amplitrode®, the inverting electrode can be placed on  1  Please note that the VivoCheck™ does not replace calibration of the Integrity™ system. Please calibrate annually or according to your institution’s guidelines. The VivoCheck™ itself does not require calibration but should be confirmed after a full Integrity™ system calibration.  D-14165 Ver. 7  Page 1
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