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TB5 and TB4 Operators Manual Sept 2011

Operators Manual

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English • Spanish • French  ®  Therabath® Paraffin Bath Operator’s Manual  Version 6.0, Model TB5 (100- to 125-volt) and Model TB4 (220- to 240-volt)  Indications Useful in symptomatic relief of pain caused by medically diagnosed arthritis, bursitis, and chronic joint inflammation. Relaxes muscles, relieves stiffness and muscle spasms, and stimulates circulation. May be prescribed for post-fracture or post-dislocation treatment, for sprains, strains, for restriction of motion due to scar tissue, and for other conditions for which heat is indicated. Commonly used prior to therapeutic exercise and massage. May be prescribed in certain peripheral vascular diseases. Consult your physician if you have any questions.  Contraindications Should not be used in the presence of open cuts or wounds, inflammatory skin conditions, neoplasm (growths), peripheral vascular disease where circulation is impaired, acute inflammation, or when sensation of the extremity is reduced or absent (such as in some cases of diabetes). If there is any question about peripheral vascular disease or decreased sensation of the extremities, consult a physician or physical therapist before using. Should not be used on areas subject to hemorrhaging or in cases involving abnormal sensitivity to heat. Discontinue use if dermatitis due to paraffin sensitivity occurs. Discontinue use if wax feels too hot or cool, which could indicate health problems with the user. Do not allow children or those with severe physical disabilities to use the device.  Warnings • • • •  Do not use while bathing or put unit where it can fall into a bathtub or sink. Do not pour water or other liquid into the unit. Do not reach for a unit that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately. Supervision is necessary when this product is used by, on, or near children or handicapped individuals. • Use this product only for its intended use as described in this manual or as recommended • 1 / 12 •
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