AutoPulse Maintenance Checklist Rev 2

Maintenance Checklist

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Maintenance Guide  Appendix B: AutoPulse Maintenance Checklist Qualified personnel should perform monthly maintenance test checkouts to ensure that the AutoPulse is functioning properly. No tools or other equipment are needed to perform these maintenance tests. Use this checklist to record the results of your maintenance tests. Report any findings to ZOLL Technical Service.  Table B-1  AutoPulse Platform Maintenance Checklist  Procedure  Task/Results  Inspect the Platform.  Ensure there are no cracks in the plastic.  Inspect the Load Plate Cover.  There should be no holes or tears.  Inspect the bumpers along the outer edge of the AutoPulse Platform.  They should be securely fastened to the AutoPulse Platform with no tears or gaps.  Inspect the head restraint cables.  Pull on each of them to ensure that they are securely fastened to the AutoPulse Platform.  Inspect the patient restraint pins.  •  All restraint pins should be present.  •  Pull on each of the pins to ensure they are securely fastened to the AutoPulse Platform.  •  Contact ZOLL Technical Service if one or more pins are missing.  Turn the Platform over and inspect the back covers.  Both back covers should be securely fastened.  Inspect the two vents on the back of the AutoPulse.  •  The vents should be free of any foreign material.  •  If needed, clean the vents with a cotton swab and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.  •  Use compressed air to blow out any dust particles.  P/N 11653-001 REV. 2  Pass  Fail  Page B-1
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