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User Guide Addendum  Addendum: User Guide AutoPulse®  Resuscitation System Model 100 with Defibrillator Interface  3.5 Periodic Electrocardiogram (ECG) Monitoring and/or Defibrillation								 													 When the AutoPulse is used in conjunction with defibrillators or with other therapeutic devices that monitor an ECG signal, interruption of the compression cycles is required to avoid ECG motion artifact associated with mechanical chest compressions. To stop compressions, press the orange Stop/Cancel button. To restart the AutoPulse, follow the procedures in Section 3.2, “Starting Chest Compressions”.  3.9 Defibrillator Interface Note: Follow all Warnings and Cautions for the AutoPulse and ZOLL Defibrillators. For more information, please refer to the AutoPulse User Guide and the appropriate ZOLL Operator’s Guide. To improve cable management, connectors on the AutoPulse may be used as a pass-through connector only when used in conjunction with the following ZOLL Defibrillators and Electrodes which have been tested with the AutoPulse. Compatible ZOLL Defibrillators M Series® Biphasic R Series™ E Series® Compatible ZOLL Electrodes stat•padzII® Electrodes CPR-D•padz™ Electrodes CPR-stat•padz® Electrodes When connections are complete, the ECG signal will travel from the Electrodes, passing through the AutoPulse Platform and continue onto the Defibrillator. Similarly, a defibrillation shock can be sent from the Defibrillator, passing through the AutoPulse Platform, and continuing onto the Electrodes. To use this function, both the Electrodes and the Defibrillator must be connected to the AutoPulse.  P/N 11634-001 REV. 5-30-08  Page AD–1
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