AutoPulse Model 100 User Guide Addendum Rev 7-2-07


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User Guide Addendum  Addendum: User Guide AutoPulse®  Resuscitation System Model 100  2  Preparing the AutoPulse System for Use  2.3 Administrative Menu: user pre-set options There are several options that may be pre-set by the user prior to deployment of the AutoPulse. These options are: • Compression Mode • Mute Duration • Tone Volume • Continuous Mode Ventilation Tone Additionally the Administrative Menu allows you to access the following information (refer to section Section 3.7, “Viewing AutoPulse Platform Information,” on page 3-19): • The last patient session • The AutoPulse Platform • The AutoPulse Battery  30:2  ADMIN MENU Set Mode (30:2 or Cont) Set Mute Duration (30s) S e t To n e V o l u m e ( H i g h ) View Last Patient Info RESTART  Figure 2-12 Administrative Menu To access the Administrative Menu the AutoPulse must be powered off. The Administrative Menu is activated by pressing the ON/OFF switch while both the Stop (orange) and Start (green) buttons are being depressed. Once the Administrative Menu is active use the Move Up and Down arrow buttons to highlight the desired menu item and the Select Choice Button to select it.  P/N 11558-001 REV. 7-2-07  Page AD–1
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