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ZOLL SMART BATTERY Warnings •  •  •  Follow all recommended maintenance and operating instructions for the Smart Battery and associated ZOLL charging/testing systems. If a problem or question arises, contact Technical Service. Do not use the Smart Battery until it has been inspected, tested, and recalibrated by the appropriate personnel and you have been adequately trained in the proper use of the Smart Battery. Keep a fully charged spare battery pack available at all times with the Monitor/Defibrillator. Replace the battery immediately upon low battery message. Do not install batteries into Monitor/Defibrillators when storage may exceed 90 days. Battery damage may occur.  •  Do not immerse or set the Smart Battery in fluid.  •  Do not use alcohol or ketones (MEK, acetone, etc.) on the Smart Battery. Do not autoclave the Smart Battery.  •  The Smart Battery is protected against interference from radio frequency emissions typical of two way radios and cellular phones (digital and analog) used in emergency service/public safety activities. Users of the Smart Battery should assess the device's performance in their typical environment of use for the possibility of radio frequency interference from high power sources.  •  Do not use the Smart Battery if the case is cracked or broken.  •  ZOLL charging/testing systems used with the Smart Battery should be calibrated or tested periodically using the appropriate Service Manual.  •  The Smart Battery may feel warm to the touch following an excessive number of defibrillation discharges at maximum energy.  •  Locate the Smart Battery and ZOLL resuscitation devices where they cannot harm the patient or user if they fall.  •  Under certain fault conditions, it is possible for small amounts of hydrogen gas to be released during charging of the battery pack. This may present a hazard.  General Test: ZOLL recommends that all battery testing be performed with a ZOLL battery charger, such as the Base PowerCharger4x4 or a ZOLL Battery Support System labeled “Smart Battery Ready”.  9650-0116 Rev. B  OPERATOR’S GUIDE Temperature:  Humidity:  0°C to 50°C (operating) 15°C to 35°C (optimal battery charging) -40°C to 70°C (storage) 5% to 95% (relative humidity - non condensing)  Cleaning Clean the ZOLL Smart Battery, with a soft damp cloth and mild soap.  Daily Check +  Press the Press For Display ? button and verify the battery is fully charged and no faults exist.  Service U.S.A. Customers Should the ZOLL Smart Battery require service, contact ZOLL Medical Corporation Technical Service Department at 1-800348-9011 (in Massachusetts: 1-978-421-9655). International Customers Should the ZOLL Smart Battery require service, contact the nearest authorized ZOLL Medical Corporation service center.  Product Description The ZOLL Smart Battery Module consists of a reusable electronics module and replaceable cell pack. A built-in microprocessor monitors battery use/recharge and tracks the amount of usable monitoring time remaining in the battery. Whenever a Smart Battery (Battery Pack equipped with a reusable Smart Battery Module) is placed in a ZOLL monitor/defibrillator, the device measures its rate of energy delivery and displays the remaining usable monitoring time. The ZOLL Smart Battery is also designed to help users determine the monitoring run time during the recharge process or when the battery pack is sitting idle. The reusable ZOLL Smart Battery Module microprocessor monitors both battery capacity and charge state to compute approximate monitoring time. Since, battery capacity diminishes over the useful life of all batteries, the Smart Battery must periodically recalibrate its capacity in order to provide continued accuracy. The battery's Fault: Test Battery Before Using +  ) will illuminate to indicate the need for such indicator ( recalibration. When this occurs, recalibration is accomplished by placing the Smart Battery in a ZOLL Base PowerCharger4x4 or a ZOLL Battery Support System labeled "Smart Battery Ready" and depressing the TEST button. This process will test, recalibrate, and recharge the battery, restoring battery level indicator accuracy.  ( Note: Recalibration is automatic with Base PowerCharger4x4 Auto Test).  Controls and Indicators +  ?  Press For Display  Illuminates the battery level indicators to display the approximate amount of time the monitor/defibrillator will operate (in monitoring mode) before the battery is depleted. Depressing this button will cause all indicators to blink once and then the appropriate indicators will illuminate for 10 seconds unless the battery is in use/recharge (then they will remain on). +  Fault: Test Battery Before Using Illuminates to indicate that the Smart Battery is in need of recalibration or that a fault condition has been detected. If the +  FAULT indicator remains lit after the Smart Battery has been recalibrated (tested), refer to the Diagnostics Mode Fault Code Section for instructions on how to determine the nature of the fault or return to ZOLL Technical Service.  Battery Level Indicators The Smart Battery includes five indicators for displaying the amount of monitoring time contained in the battery. To check the +  Press For Display state of the battery, depress the ? button and assure that all five indicators are illuminated to confirm that the battery pack has been fully recharged. The top most indicator will typically be extinguished within a few minutes after the battery is placed in use to show that at least some energy has been used. The remaining four battery level indicators display the approximate monitoring time for a 1400 series device that can be expected from the battery. As the battery pack is used, the pattern of illuminated indicators will change to display the present battery state. When only the bottom indicator is illuminated, the Smart Battery pack is low and should be recharged. When the Smart Battery is powering a monitor/defibrillator or when it is in the process of being recharged, the battery level indicators will automatically display the battery's remaining useable monitoring time. When the battery is not in use or is installed in an inactive monitor/defibrillator, the indicators will all be extinguished.
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