EZI-FLOW Flowmeter Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

12 Pages

Ezi-flow flowmeter manual  30/3/17  EZI-FLOW  Page 1  FLOWMETER  Instructions for use 521969-08-317   Ezi-flow flowmeter manual  30/3/17  Page 2  Contents  Page  1... NTRODUCTION  2  2... NTENDED USES  3  3... ENERAL DESCRIPTION  3  4... ARTS IDENTIFICATION  4  5... AFETY PRECAUTIONS  4  6... QUIPMENT USE  5  7... HECKS AND INSPECTIONS BY THE USER  7  8... ERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS  8  9... CCESSORIES AND REPLACEMENT PARTS  9  10... ECIFICATIONS  9  11... RRANTY  10  EZI-Flow Flowmeter  2  1... NTRODUCTION These instructions are intended to provide users with information on the features, use and care of an EZI-flow Oxygen and Respiratory therapy flowmeter... he instructions should be read carefully by every intended user of an EZI-flow flowmeter in any of its applications before attempting to use it to ensure that they are fully conversant with all the information on the features, use and care of the flowmeter... Warning Read and understand the entire Instructions for Use before operating this medical device... eep them always with the device... ailure to do so may cause clinical damage to a patient or damage to the device... 521969-08-317
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